Phone apps that spy on you

How to see which Android apps are spying on you

First you need to download the third-party app and once you have done that, you can move on to downloading the TTSPY app on your mobile phone. The TTSPY app downloads fast and as soon as it has been downloaded, just enter the phone details of the person you want to spy on and start using the target phone camera feature without the person even finding out.

As there are many similar apps online which have a phone camera feature but most of these are fakes and require too much information from you. Also, similar apps are much more expensive to use unlike TTSPY which is an affordable and powerful option for you.

How to Spy on Cell Phone without Installing Software on Target Phone?

Why spend on an expensive app just to spy on a friend, employee or lover when you could be using the TTSPY app. Other similar spy phone camera apps that can be found online lack in quality, features and user-interface making it is almost impossible to find an app which is available for both iPhone and android devices which is why TTSPY is just the app one needs. There is always someone whom one needs to keep an eye on to find out where he or she is, whom they are with, what they are doing and who they are talking about.

This is where TTSPY comes into place, it is the app which one needs to use in order to access the live front and rear phone cameras of the target person for better control. The app is available for most Android and iPhone devices.

One can even take a screenshot of what they see on the live phone camera of the person and even be able to hear whatever the person is talking about or the surroundings with the microphone feature. If you want to use the best live phone camera app for monitoring someone, then you need to use the TTSPY app. There have been some rumblings recently about smartphone apps using your phone's microphone to collect data on your TV- and movie-watching choices. The New York Times wrote about software from a company called Alphonso that collects data to sell to advertisers.

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The apps in question are mostly games. They seem harmless, but if you grant permission for those apps to use your phone's microphone , they can listen to your life through the phone—even when the app isn't being used. The Alphonso software can hear audio tones embedded in our video content to identify what we are watching.

According to the article, Alphonso's spokesman says they don't record speech, but I'm guessing most of us do not want our privacy invaded by games like Real Bowling Strike 10 Pin. When you install apps from the Google Play store and iTunes App store, they will ask you if you'd like to grant permission for the app to use your phone's microphone. You'll see a list of apps, but you'll have to open each one and look for that app's Permissions line to see what permissions you've given it.

You can also get to each app's permissions by pressing and holding on the app's icon and then choosing App Info from the pop-up menu. I'll admit I was a bit surprised at the list on my iPhone. I have six apps on my phone that use the microphone.

The only app that surprised me was Instagram. I forgot I gave Instagram permission to use the microphone when it added the ability to record video clips with audio. If you see an app using your microphone, and you are not sure why, touch the slider to turn off the app's microphone access.

If you decide to turn it on again, you can do so by going back to the same spot. Explore further. More from Other Physics Topics. Please sign in to add a comment. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute.

Spy Phone App Features

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Be on the lookout for spelling errors and fake reviews of the product. These apps will trick you by having the same marketing professionalism as real ones. Think about who might be trying to access your device next time you use it. Remember, data is constantly being collected on what you do online. Knowing this list of apps that spy on you will help in protecting your personal information.

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